Managed Services

The Synergy Managed Services Approach

Synergy Managed Services provides cost effective IT management services — Information Technology, Internet and Telephony consulting, design and management solutions to a range of enterprises, from small business to education institutions and large corporations.

Offering a full range of innovative and professional services including infrastructure design and deployment, systems integration and management, on-site and remote help desk support, 24/7 systems monitoring as well as flexible security, Internet and telephony solutions, Synergy Managed Services can support all of your IT & T needs.


Synergy Managed Services methodology is to understand your organisation's current and future business plans and then align the information technology with your business objectives. We do this by first conducting a comprehensive infrastructure and systems audit utilising world leading hardware and software technology to give your company not only a more accurate asset listing but a basis to help improve corporate governance, compliance and risk mitigation. This step is critical to build and plan from so that nothing is missed in the process.


The next phase is to carefully plan, in conjunction with your management team and your organisations objectives, the steps required to achieve your business outcomes. The key is to align the information technology, Internet and telephony requirements with your organisation’s current and future business objectives. The plan will allow for all existing infrastructure, hardware and software services currently in place, as well as provide a clear path forward to migrate or upgrade any and all systems allowing for any improvements and changes that will be required.


Synergy Managed Services design phase takes into account all current and future needs based on your business plan and will create and build around best practice, highly supportable and flexible solutions that will include a costing model to allow all current and future infrastructure, hardware systems and software to become either warranted or supportable, while allowing for a more efficient and flexible support solution that helps to lower your total cost of ownership or TCO.


Our people have proven track records in deployment services across all information technology, Internet and telephony disciplines. We take the guess work away from you by leveraging only reliable vendor relationships with some of the world’s leading providers to ensure any potential down time is kept to an absolute minimum and issues are solved as a priority. Synergy Managed Services have SLA’s in place with major companies and suppliers that we leverage on behalf of you, the client, to achieve the optimum desired outcome.


Regular reviews with management to discuss business strategy changes and performance reviews are key to a successful ongoing partnership. We give your companies executive level, IT assistance and empowerment, helping you do what the company does best by filtering out distractions and reducing complexity through 100% transparency and visibility into the implemented information technology and telephony system performance. Mitigating risk and liability through intensive due diligence is what we at Synergy Managed Services do best.


Using world’s best practices and 24/7 monitoring systems and infrastructure, your Synergy Managed Services information technology, Internet and telephony systems are designed to provide you a single point of contact for all IT related issues so that in effect you have your own “virtual” IT department at a fraction of the cost of you staffing it yourself. If any issue cannot be resolved with phone or remote support, a field engineer will be dispatched to your site. Under a remote managed help desk model around 90% of requests can be answered and resolved remotely.